Canary Wood Rim Spiral Bowl by Jerry Froeschle

  • $ 2,500.00

16.5" diameter, 8" height.  More than 2,500 pieces including Canary Wood, Cherry, Bubinga, Walnut, Purple Heart, Holly, Wenge, Zebra Wood, Birch, Yellow Heart, Moving, Maple, Red Heart, and Blood Wood.  The finish is an oil/wax emulsion with a UV inhibitor.  The wood colors are all natural and will be most stable if the bowl is kept out of direct sunlight.  

Although the bowl is food safe, it is intended as an art piece.

I ordinarily don't "name" pieces, but this was made after raising pheasants last year and I was drawn in by the colors and swirl of a "ringneck's" eruption into flight. - Jerry Froeschle.