Yelloweye Rockfish Sculpture

  • $ 850.00

Yelloweye Rockfish, also known as "Red Snapper" are found in the East Pacific Ocean from California to Alaska.  When Chainsaw Carver Jordan Anderson is not carving Rockfish, he's catching them in Prince William Sound.  These incredibly colorful fish live up to 120 years old!  Decorate your home with one of these custom carved fish made from Sitka Spruce in Alaska.  

Yelloweye Rockfish Sculpture by Jordan Anderson.  Made with Alaskan Spruce.

Size: Approximately 41" long, 18" tall, 18" wide.

ORDER BY PHONE ONLY to commission Jordan to make you a similar Yelloweye Rockfish Carving.

Please call Turnagain Gallery at (907) 653 8000 to order by phone and for shipping information.