Octopus Sculpture by Jordan Anderson

  • $ 9,000.00

"The Giant Pacific.  I had a vision that these creatures could eventually be carved out of alaskan spruce. Depicting the motion and texture of such a complex creature was an ambitious goal.  There was a lot of trial and error in the process of coming up with a method to carve the Octopus with Chainsaws and hand tools.  The variation of textures is extreme and dramatic. The final product has great presence and appeal.  People visit the Turnagain Gallery every day to see the carving in person." - Jordan Anderson

Every octopus carving by Jordan is unique.  The octopus carvings in the photos are approximately 7 feet tall and have a 5-6.5 foot diameter.  


Please call Turnagain Gallery at (907) 653 8000 to order by phone and for shipping information.