Alaskan Spruce Log Bench - 10'

Alaskan Spruce Log Bench - 10'

  • $ 595.00

Strong and Durable, get a beautiful Spruce log bench that will last a lifetime.  Sanded to 200 grit with a palm sander to make the surface smoother than a baby's bottom.  Add natural wood elements to your deck or around your fire pit at home.  Bring log accents to the inside or outside of your business lobby or coffee shop.

✅ Perfect around the 🔥 pit

✅ The log bench is fastened with tough 8" timberlock screws.  

Call 907 653 8000 for custom sizes.  The stain on the pictured bench is western red cedar.


Please call Turnagain Gallery at (907) 653 8000 to order by phone and for shipping information.