Turned Wooden Bowls by John Unruh

My life-long passion in woodworking began at the age of eight making yard signs.  I progressed to larger projects such as cedar and toy chests and eventually bought a used lathe for $75 to make bowls and a custom sewing/knitting stand.  Even with the demands of a long business and educational career, including living over three years in Slovakia teaching MBA marketing and management students in over 100 countries, both online and on-ground, I still found time to create beauty through my woodworking.       

I am now able to turn my avocation of woodworking into a full-time business of woodturning with a modern lathe capable of doing almost any artistic turning.  I use Alaska grown woods such as Alaska Birch, Poplar and White and Black Spruce.  When I select a piece of wood for turning, I am always surprised at the character and grain patterns revealed.  I thoroughly enjoy being able to share the beauty of Alaska’s woods with you and your family.   

Please contact me anytime for questions or custom turnings.  

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