Paintings by Megan Genevieve

Megan’s training as an artist started at the early age of six in her grandmother’s craft room. Grandma Genevieve had a passion for painting and she eagerly shared her talent. Megan was instantly hooked and looked forward to any chance she had to explore her newfound love. Even the wall in Grandma’s bathroom was a blank canvas for Megan. 

Soon after graduating from high school, Megan Genevieve waved goodbye to her one-stoplight town in Memphis, Michigan and made her way to Alaska seeking endless adventure and inspiration for her life. Once in Alaska, even though encouraged by many, Megan never sought out professional training to become an “artist.” She always considered herself an artist and takes pride in developing her own style that she calls “me,” while thanking God for the instinctive gift.

From a small town in Michigan to the rugged wilderness of Alaska, Megan has chased her childhood dreams of doing what she loves.  In addition to a loving man, Alaska has captivated Megan’s heart and it is now the place she calls home. Her attraction to this beautiful state grows day by day and in it she finds constant renewal and creative energy to paint. She says, “Everyday I see art.”  These are words she lives by as she transforms the beauty that she sees around her into creative masterpieces.