Live Edge Redwood Dining Table with Driftwood base

  • $ 12,500.00

The ultimate statement in elegance and craftsmanship.  The Live Edge Redwood Dining Table.  The bast of this table is an Alaskan Spruce Stump salvaged from the shores of Anchor Point, AK.  The Redwood Slab is from Oregon.  Built by Turnagain Gallery owner Greg Anderson on site in Bird Creek, Alaska.

The table is 110.25" long, the width ranges from 43.5" to 58.5".  The table height is 32.25" and the slab is 2.5" thick.  The stump at the base is approximately 41" wide by 56" long.

This table can only be ordered by phone at (907) 653-8000.  Please call Turnagain Gallery during business hours of 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Alaska Standard Time.  We are 4 hours behind the US East Coast.